Tony Loton at The Motley Fool (UK)

Tony Loton has written regularly for The Motley Fool (UK), and here is a list of his published articles in reverse chronological order.


Create a Portfolio News Page (with Google Finance)
The Spread-Betting Attrition Rate
Creating a “Stock Data Dashboard” Spreadsheet
Nicolas Darvas and His Amazing Box Theory
The Investment Zoo
The Trouble with Cash ISAs
Why Are You Playing The Markets?
Why I’m Sticking With Plain Old Equities
Diversify The Danger Away
Where are all the Share Dealing Mobile Apps?
Trade Small and Invest Big
Is Your Portfolio Keeping You Awake At Night?
Teaching A Teen To Trade (and Invest)
Spread Betting Can Be Long Term Too
If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail
The Drawdown Dilemma: How much pain is worth the gain?
Why My Portfolio Got Worse Before It Got Better
Trading and Investing In The Cloud
Minimising Mistakes, Not Maximising Winnings
The Most Fool-Friendly Spread Betting Account
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Long Term Sell and Hold


The Three T’s of Trading (and Investment)
Anatomy of a Trading Ticket
Why I Haven’t Ditched My Debt
The Safer Way to Average Down
In the Long Run, We’re All Dead
What To Do About Risk
A Foolish Guide to Swing Trading
The “Business” of Investing
What’s Been Your Best Investment? (it might not be your share portfolio)
You Can’t Trade The News
Sage and the Changing Face of Software (or “Sage gets SaaSy!”)

Problematic Pyramiding
A Text Book Trailing Stop
How Have Drip Investors Played The FTSE?
Why Buses Are Always Late, Diets Don’t Work, and Gamblers Go Bust
How Did You Play The FTSE In The Last Decade?
Introducing the Google Finance Stock Screener
Keeping Track of Your Stocks (using a Google Finance Portfolio)
Why you can make money better than Buffett!
Working with Web Data, Revisited
The Five Rules of Speculation (original working title “The Immutables”)
The Folly of Forecasting
Can We Profit From Publishing?
Making Money From Cloud Computing (or “A Fool With His Head In The Cloud”)
On the Contrary (an article about contrarian investing)
Whose risk is it anyway?
What makes a Fool-friendly spread betting account?
Don’t be an Average Frustrated Chump
Price Shockers You Should Have Purchased
Learning to Love Leverage
Resistance Is Not Futile
Gambling on Glencore
Trading with Standing Orders
Making Money by Shorting Silver
Above Average Investing?
Post Price-Shock Performance
A Foolish Guide to Position Sizing
Position Trading Performers
The Lifecycle of an Investment
Spread Betting Pays Dividends
A Foolish Guide to Technical Analysis
More Short Options
The Short Option
Working with Web Data
The Last-Sold List

Are You Investing What You Can Afford To Lose?
Mind the Gap!
Share Dealing vs. Spread Betting

How to Catch a Falling Knife
A Foolish Guide to Leverage


A Long-Term Investment is a Short-Term Trade Gone Well!