Introduction to Better Spread Betting

Better Spread Betting is a project to create a new no-nonsense yet comprehensive book about financial spread betting. It is authored by Tony Loton: a private trader, author of financial trading books including¬†Position Trading and Stop Orders, and a regular writer for The Motley Fool (UK),¬†and Traders’ magazine.

The plan is to publish the warts ‘n’ all work-in-progress chapters initially on-line, to invite comments and your links to the embryonic chapters, and to publish the finished product as a Kindle e-book and printed paperback under the LOTONtech publishing imprint.

Help me make “Better Spread Betting” even better!

Read the book, tell me if you spot any errors or omissions, tell me if there are any topics you’d like to see covered, and get involved. And don’t forget to tell your friends to tune in here at!

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