Trade of The Week: Cape Closed

I’ve featured Cape as my “Trade of The Week” before, and now I feature it again because I’ve closed the  trade with the result as shown in this IG Index P & L Breakdown Report:

Trade of the Week
This report, which is one of the things I like about IG Index, shows how the position trade ran for about six weeks to generate a £68.03 capital profit (P/L) plus £4.50 in Dividends (yes, you get them on spread bets) while costing only £0.80 in overnight financing (Funding) charges for the entire period. That’s the way to do it!

You can scale up my nominal £1-per-point real life example to a larger stake at your heart’s content… and at your own risk!

I wanted to run this position trade longer, because letting our profits run is what we should be doing, but I wan’t too happy in this case about not being able to trail my guaranteed stop order to secure my profit. A quick look at the Cape price chart (courtesy of IG Index) reveals why: just look at those occasional precipitous falls!

Trading Cape PLC

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