Has London Capital Group (LCG) turned the corner?

I ask the question “Has London Capital Group (LCG) turned the corner?” because I have a couple of modest spread betĀ exploratory positions riding on the hope that it has:

Has London Capital Group (LCG) turned the corner?

Both positions (blue lines) are now in profit, with my common guaranteed stop orderĀ (red dashed line) somewhere between the two entry prices… which means that I should now at least break even overall. And if the price continues to go up, I might just be tempted to pyramid my positions like I did with Barratt.

My above chart doesn’t tell the complete story of why I thought this beaten-down stock may be worth a punt, but this “big picture” chart might do so:

London Capital Group

There’s plenty more upside than downside, and the price seemed to have been flatlining (again).
In the unlikely event that you’re wondering what LCG does as a company: their trading platform underpins spread betting brands like Capital Spreads and InterTrader.

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Disclaimer: this posting is for general education only; it is not trading advice.