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Spread Betting Pays Dividends

I’m pretty sure I’ve used the headline “Spread Betting Pays Dividends” before; if not on a blog post then on an article that I published somewhere. But it nicely sums up what I have to say… so if it ain’t broke, I won’t fix it. When I say that “spread betting pays dividends” I mean […]

A better spread bettor who doubled his money!

A reader of this blog who opened a Capital Spreads¬†spread betting account via my web page told me that he had more-than doubled his money in just a couple of months. Don’t get too exited. He deposited only ¬£25 as a first ever spread betting trial (which just goes to show how little you can […]

Has Santa Claus come early?

You have no doubt heard of the Santa Claus rally; the tendency for shares to rise in the second half of December in anticipation of new money coming into the markets in January. Well, I’m wondering if Santa Claus has come early. After trading sideways for a couple of months, then dipping downwards, the FTSE […]

Spread Co on Android

We don’t all have iPhones, although I did have one for a short while in order to review some of the spread betting iPhone apps. No, I’m an Android man, mainly because I’m otherwise bought into the Google cloud computing ecosystem for email, docs, and on-line storage accessible via my Chromebook. On the subject of […]