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Three Steps to (Trading) Heaven

Today I noticed in one of my model “better spread betting” accounts that three positions in the same stock (Punch Taverns) had stopped out for modest profits, as shown here: Although profitable, I don’t regard this as a good result. Not only because of the small amounts involved, but also because of the fact that […]

SOUND FX : The SOUND Approach to Foreign Exchange Trading

I told you several weeks ago that I was embarking on a project to write a new introductory book about foreign exchange (forex or fx) trading based on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform provided by RPD FX — a sister company of spread betting firm ETX Capital. Well, here is is: Now Available as a Kindle Edition from and as a Kobo book. […]

You Can Never Have Too Many Spread Betting Accounts!

The sensationalist headline “You Can Never Have Too Many Spread Betting Accounts!” is not exactly true, of course, because too many accounts can become unmanageable and time-consuming. But I believe that you do need more than one account, and ideally more than one account provider (because some brands are run by the same provider). Here’s […]

Lucky Lamprell, or How to Catch a Falling Knife

It may appear a little strange, me using the headline “Lucky Lamprell” on the day that Lamprell shares gapped-down some 35%. But Lamprell has been a lucky stock for me in several ways… 1) On 26 July I told your about my Lucky Escape from Lamprell, i.e. how I had exited my long position the […]

No news is good news…

Sorry it’s been a bit quite here at Better Spread Betting for the past few days, but I’ve been busy working on Project FX (the new Forex book) that I hinted at when I told you about my Grand Day Out at RPD FX (and ETX Capital). I’ll tell you more about the new book, […]