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Bonus "Trade of The Week" on Petropavlovsk

Since nobody likes to see a losing trade (whatever you argue to the contrary) I have supplemented this week’s original “trade of the week” with this one featuring gold miner Petropavlovsk. Here’s what the result of the opened-and-closed trade looked like with IG Index… and I must remember to start calling them simply “IG”: It […]

ETX Capital’s New Platform is Coming

Just a short note to say that ETX Capital will shortly be launching a new trading platform, so if you haven’t got an ETX Capital account, now might be a good time to get one. The new platform will be fully customisable, so that you can arrange your trading screen exactly how you like it. […]

A Grand Day Out at RPD FX (and ETX Capital)

It’s not very often that I talk about Foreign Exchange (Forex or FX) trading, but this may be about to change as I am embarking on the writing of a new book. Let’s call it “Project X”, or (even better) “Project FX”. As part of my “research” I was invited down to the offices of […]

Trade of The Week: Bottom Fishing for Borders and Southern

On 16 July, oil company Borders and Southern Petroleum gapped-down massively from about 60p-per-share to less than 20p-per-share. Pity the fools who were holding a large position through this gap-down, which all goes to show why it is important to diversify or to employ guaranteed stop orders. So, what did I do immediately after the […]

Trade of The Week: Textbook Pyramiding of Home Retail Group

This week’s “Trade of The Week” is a really interesting one because it provides an almost textbook example of pyramiding into a trending stock. (If you’re wondering which textbook I’m referring to, I mean my Position Trading book, of course) The IG Index chart (aren’t they great?) illustrates it nicely: Having established an initial £1-per-point […]

Trade of The Week: Trendy Tesco

Whoever thought I’d find myself describing Tesco as “trendy”? The trendiness of Tesco will not have been helped by it reportedly receiving an investment not so long ago from Warren Buffett — who is probably one of the least “trendy” people on the planet (no offence)! But Buffett’s interest may have helped the share price, […]

Trade of The Week: Lucky Escape from Lamprell

In yesterday’s sensationalist article I told you how I had closed several positions in an IG Index account in order to bank some profits. It was mighty unusual for me to close any position trades manually, instead preferring to let my trailed stop orders take me out when the tide turns. In one case it […]