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Six of the Best on Barratt

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record with all my posts about the Barratt position trade, but here I go again. I’ve added yet another £1-per-point position in the Capital Spreads account, making six of the best pounds-per-point as shown here: A discussion on a forum elsewhere now prompts me to say something about […]

£500 Profit from £25 Risk

Anyone who has read my blog regularly will be well aware of the example (but real) Barratt position trade that I’m running in a Capital Spreads account. You will recall that this position trade began life as a single £1-per-point position with an initial risk of (about) £25 to my guaranteed stop order. By pyramiding this […]

Why Pyramid Positions?

After my little April Fool joke yesterday, I thought I’d post something rather more positive (and educational) today on the subject of pyramiding positions. My demonstration vehicle will of course (if you’ve been following me) be Barratt; but it could have been Sainsburys. The following chart shows the vastly increased profit potential resulting from having pyramided […]

The Case for Position Trading Equities

Although I stopped writing for Spreadbet magazine a couple of months ago (don’t ask!) a few of the articles in the latest edition caught my eye. In his interview, Vince Stanzione says that his main successes in the markets have come from longer-term position trading rather than from short-term day trading. In his trading diary […]

Hot off the Press: Position Trading (Third Edition)

Today I am proud to announce the publication of the third edition of my Position Trading book. It’s an evolution rather than a revolution, so… What wasn’t broke, I’ve left alone. What was broke, I’ve tried to fix. There’s enough new stuff to have made it worth the effort, but not so much as to […]

Barratt and the Four Step Pyramid

If I’m serious about extolling the virtues of pyramiding in my Position Trading book, I’d better show you convincingly how it can go beyond the usual two- or three-step pyramids that I have posted here before. So following my Three Steps to (Trading) Heaven article in which I described my three-step pyramid trade on Barratt, […]