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Financial spread betting offers a potentially tax-free way of buying and selling (including short-selling) stocks, stock indices, commodities and currencies. It can be more cost-effective than share dealing in a traditional stockbroker account, and it need not be any more dangerous.

Most spread bettors lose money, and many of them give up after only six months. You don’t need to be one of them if you practice “Better Spread Betting”. And if you can make it work (or not fail too badly) during times of market meltdown, then you should be well placed to reap the rewards when the good times roll.

If you think that spread betting is the reckless gambler’s alternative to the more noble art of serious “investing”, think again!

Includes tips from spread betting industry experts as well as from popular financial authors and publishers.

The “Better Spread Betting” project was initiated at by Tony Loton, author of the books ‘Stop Orders’ and ‘Position Trading (Second Edition)’, with the aim of authoring a brand new no-nonsense book about financial spread betting initially on-line, with reader feedback to help make the “Better Spread Betting” book even better!