Balance-Affecting Transactions in Spread Betting

There are various events that affect the cash balance in your spread betting account, including:

  • the profit or loss from closing a position
  • an adjustment for a dividend
  • the debiting of overnight financing (rolling) charges

To show what these balance-affecting transactions look like, I took a 24-hour snapshot from an IG Index account (although it could have been from any other spread betting company).

24 Hours in Spread Betting

As you can see, in the previous 24 hours I banked a total of £35.03 profit from closing positions while receiving £0.28 as a dividend adjustment and suffering -£0.22 in financing charges.

Note that while the rising and falling positions in your spread bet portfolio may (or may not, depending which spread betting provider you use) affect your trading funds figure, and while moving your stop orders on those positions may also affect your trading funds figure, these events will have no effect whatsoever on your cash balance until those positions are closed.

Disclaimer: this posting is for general education only; it is not trading advice.