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Use guaranteed stops to conjure additional trading funds out of thin air!

Like me, you may occasionally find yourself in the embarrassing position of wanting to make a trade in your spread betting account at a time when you have little or no “available to trade” trading funds. Like me, you may prefer your spread betting account(s) to be self-sufficient and therefore you’re reluctant to feed yet […]

The Revolutionary New Gekko Markets "TradeHub" Trading Platform

Any former clients of spread betting company Gekko Markets will have noticed that their account has now been migrated to the new TradeHub trading platform. Those former clients, and any new new ones who might care to sign up, will be interested to know why this revolutionary new trading platform is unlike most (if not […]

Shop Around for Minimum Stop Distances on Guaranteed Stops

I’ve had an on-off relationship with guaranteed stop orders, sometimes regarding the guarantees as invaluable and sometimes regarding them as too restrictive or simply unnecessary in a sufficiently diversified portfolio of spread bets. In these continuing uncertain and volatile times, those guarantees may be worth their weight in gold (if that’s what your trading). Guaranteed […]

Selftrade (spread betting) moving to the London Capital Group (LCG) trading platform.

A couple of days ago I received an email from Selftrade — with whom I’d forgotten I held a spread betting account, to be honest — informing me that their CFD and Spread Betting offering would be moving from the current City Index trading platform to the London Capital Group (LCG) platform. It means that in […]

Better Spread Betting with TRADERS’ Magazine

Have you read the Better Spread Betting article in the August 2012 edition of TRADERS’ Magazine? It’s subtitled Spread Betting for the More Investment-Minded, which sums up much (but not all) of my spread betting philosophy. Don’t forget that TRADERS’ Magazine also contributed one of the tips to the final “One More Thing…” chapter of […]

Trade of The Week: Lucky Escape from Lamprell

In yesterday’s sensationalist article I told you how I had closed several positions in an IG Index account in order to bank some profits. It was mighty unusual for me to close any position trades manually, instead preferring to let my trailed stop orders take me out when the tide turns. In one case it […]

Oh, I do like to see my stops!

As someone who wrote an entire book on the subject of stop orders, it may come as no surprise that I do like to see those stops right alongside my open positions. Like this: This example (but real) SpreadEx Financial Open Positions list shows not only the accrued profit or loss on each open position, but […]