Better Spread Betting is Not Only About Spread Betting

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You might have found your way to the Better Spread Betting web site because you read my Stop Orders or Position Trading book and one of the hyper-linked web addresses brought you here. Or you might have been redirected here from one of my previous financial trading web sites or blogs such as the 2009 Trading Trail or the 2010-2011 Position Trading web site.

Rest assured, you’re still at the right place, even if you’re not a spread bettor.

I’ve simply consolidated on one home on the web, which is here at My predominant (but not exclusive) strategy is still position trading¬†— whether via spread betting, CFD trading of regular share trading. I still think that stop orders are the most important tool in the trader’s or investor’s toolbox. So I’ll still be writing about those topics, and much of what I write should be applicable to you even if you are a non-spread-betting trader or an investor.

Indeed, I’ll sometimes be writing about fixed odds binary betting of the kind offered by Bet On Markets, contracts-for-difference (CFDs) of the kind offered by Plus500, or other forms of margin trading such as that offered by SVSFX Securities.

Disclaimer: this posting is for general education only; it is not trading advice.