The Revolutionary New Gekko Markets "TradeHub" Trading Platform

Any former clients of spread betting company Gekko Markets will have noticed that their account has now been migrated to the new TradeHub trading platform. Those former clients, and any new new ones who might care to sign up, will be interested to know why this revolutionary new trading platform is unlike most (if not all) other spread betting platforms I have used.

For one thing, it allows you to specify a bet size in terms of Notional Value (as in “I want to invest £5000”) rather than in pounds-per-point.

For another thing, it allows you to use Variable Margin so that — for example — you might choose to apply no leverage at all to your trade(s).

Theoretically at least, it may be possible to run a Gekko “TradeHub” account rather like a self-select ISA account, with the benefit of the spread betting wrapper being entirely tax-free!

What this adds up to is a spread betting platform that should be more friendly to new spread bettors who have come from a more traditional “investment” background; these being exactly the spread bettors that I am targeting with my Better Spread Betting book.

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Disclaimer: this posting is for general education only; it is not trading advice.