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Attention Financial Bloggers and Web Site Owners!

Are you a financial trading or investment blogger or web site owner? You can spice up your web site or blog by incorporating the Better Spread Betting “headline animator” using this simple HTML code: <a target=”_blank” href=”″><img src=”” alt=”Better Spread Betting” style=”border:0″ /></a> It looks like this: Subscribe to Better Spread Betting by Email (I […]

The Emotionally Intelligent Investor

I’d like to introduce you to a brand new book about the psychology of investing and trading: The Emotionally Intelligent Investor by Ravee Mehta. I’ll admit up-front to an interest in this book; not an ongoing financial interest, but I did help out with the editing and preparation for publishing. It means I know the […]

Trade of The Week: Bottom Fishing for Borders and Southern

On 16 July, oil company Borders and Southern Petroleum gapped-down massively from about 60p-per-share to less than 20p-per-share. Pity the fools who were holding a large position through this gap-down, which all goes to show why it is important to diversify or to employ guaranteed stop orders. So, what did I do immediately after the […]

Spread the word about

Dear readers, Thanks for tuning in. Judging by the number of page hits, email subscriptions, and purchases of the Better Spread Betting book, I seem to be doing something right here — but I’d like to be doing better. If you like what you see here, and if you find it informative and interesting, then […]

Trade of The Week: Textbook Pyramiding of Home Retail Group

This week’s “Trade of The Week” is a really interesting one because it provides an almost textbook example of pyramiding into a trending stock. (If you’re wondering which textbook I’m referring to, I mean my Position Trading book, of course) The IG Index chart (aren’t they great?) illustrates it nicely: Having established an initial £1-per-point […]