Energising my spread bet portfolio(s) with Essar Energy

I was prompted to write this blog posting by an article on The Motley Fool titled 3 Oil & Gas Shares Rising Fast. I recognised one of the stocks — Essar Energy — as one that I took a punt on recently.

Here’s what the trade looks like in a Capital Spreads account:

Trading Essar Energy
What you can’t see there is that I have a stop order¬†at 126 protecting protecting most of my profit… and that’s guaranteed!

Now let me show you the same trade in an IG Index account, and to spice things up I’ll do so using one of their DealThru charts. The solid horizontal line is my entry price, and the dashed horizontal line represents my guaranteed stop order. As you can see, I simply can’t lose!

Trading Essar Energy

According to my¬†position trading philosophy, I’m not inclined to bank my profit until this position stops out of its own accord.

There’s plenty more where that came from because this week’s rising tide has raised most if not all of my boats — some even more substantially — but I don’t have time to tell you about them all!

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Disclaimer: this posting is for general education only; it is not trading advice.