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Where did it all go wrong?

It is with great regret that I have to tell you that despite practicing Better Spread Betting according to my Position Trading philosophy that utilizes Stop Orders… it’s all gone wrong and I have lost everything on one mad spin of the proverbial roulette wheel! Aside from documenting (in the coming days) how exactly it […]

The Case for Position Trading Equities

Although I stopped writing for Spreadbet magazine a couple of months ago (don’t ask!) a few of the articles in the latest edition caught my eye. In his interview, Vince Stanzione says that his main successes in the markets have come from longer-term position trading rather than from short-term day trading. In his trading diary […]

Hot off the Press: Position Trading (Third Edition)

Today I am proud to announce the publication of the third edition of my Position Trading book. It’s an evolution rather than a revolution, so… What wasn’t broke, I’ve left alone. What was broke, I’ve tried to fix. There’s enough new stuff to have made it worth the effort, but not so much as to […]

Barratt Benefits from the Budget

You can imagine how interesting it was for me to see the Barratt share price shoot up in response to Chancellor George Osborne’s budget announcements about supporting buyers of new homes. It was interesting to me, obviously, because I’ve been pyramiding Barratt¬†recently. The bottom line is that the guaranteed stop order on my most recently […]

Pyramiding Sainsburys

You may have read at The Motley Fool and other places today that J Sainsbury plc Rallies As Sales Jump 7.1%. I took advantage of the positive gap-up and partial-gap-close to add a third pyramid position to my aforedocumented (it’s a new word) Sainsburys “trade of the week”. The following picture shows what this pyramided […]

From Cantor Index to SpreadEx

Like me, you may have received an email from Cantor Index the other day advising that “all of its non-single stock, financial spread betting account holders will be taken on by SpreadEx as of the close of business on Wednesday, 20th March, 2013.” I’d be happy to be moved to¬†SpreadEx, but since I have essentially […]

Does the Morrisons-Ocado tie-up make sense?

..and what does it mean for investors? Over on The Motley Fool there is an article (and some debate) about whether the potential tie-up between Morrisons and Ocado makes sense. News of this potential marriage — not in the merger sense — sent Ocado shares a lot higher and Morrisons shares a little higher today. […]

Barratt and the Four Step Pyramid

If I’m serious about extolling the virtues of pyramiding in my Position Trading book, I’d better show you convincingly how it can go beyond the usual two- or three-step pyramids that I have posted here before. So following my Three Steps to (Trading) Heaven article in which I described my three-step pyramid trade on Barratt, […]