The Case for Position Trading Equities

Although I stopped writing for Spreadbet magazine a couple of months ago (don’t ask!) a few of the articles in the latest edition caught my eye.

In his interview, Vince Stanzione says that his main successes in the markets have come from longer-term position trading rather than from short-term day trading.
In his trading diary update in the magazine, John Walsh talks about how he lost a lot of money trading the FTSE 100 index, and asserted that “My main aim this month is to get back to trading equities on a more long term basis instead of trying to go for the quick money with indices”.
In his article, Angus Campbell of Capital Spreads tells us that the vast majority of clients trade indices (and to a lesser extent forex) rather than individual equities… and we already know that the vast majority of spread bettors lose money.
Do you see any themes here? I do!
The bottom line seems to be that most spread bettors who lose money trade indices on a short-term basis, and the ones who have learnt from that mistake have settled on a strategy of position trading equities over longer time-frames instead.

Which spread betting companies offer the widest range of equities for trading? In my experience, IG is the best… followed possible by SpreadEx. The choice of equities offered by Capital Spreads and InterTrader ain’t what it used to be, but I do like their guaranteed stop orders.

Two Steps to Better Spread Betting:

1) Buy the Better Spread Betting Book
2) Sign up with Capital Spreads, IG, ETX Capital, or Spread Co

Disclaimer: this posting is for general education only; it is not trading advice.