Where did it all go wrong?

It is with great regret that I have to tell you that despite practicing Better Spread Betting according to my Position Trading philosophy that utilizes Stop Orders… it’s all gone wrong and I have lost everything on one mad spin of the proverbial roulette wheel!
Aside from documenting (in the coming days) how exactly it all went wrong, it looks like I will now have to shut up shop, and I know of at least one ex-aquaintance who will derive a great deal of perverse pleasure from my startling and frank admission of failure.
Well, I tried, but it was pretty foolish of me to ever think that I could consistently beat the markets when so many others have tried and failed 🙁
Although I usually encourage readers to share my postings, I would appreciate it if my loyal readers would not share this one due to the utter humiliation it will cause.

Two Steps to Better Spread Betting:

1) Buy the Better Spread Betting Book
2) Sign up with Capital Spreads, IG, ETX Capital, or Spread Co

Disclaimer: this posting is for general education only; it is not trading advice.