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Six of the Best on Barratt

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record with all my posts about the Barratt position trade, but here I go again. I’ve added yet another £1-per-point position in the Capital Spreads account, making six of the best pounds-per-point as shown here: A discussion on a forum elsewhere now prompts me to say something about […]

£500 Profit from £25 Risk

Anyone who has read my blog regularly will be well aware of the example (but real) Barratt position trade that I’m running in a Capital Spreads account. You will recall that this position trade began life as a single £1-per-point position with an initial risk of (about) £25 to my guaranteed stop order. By pyramiding this […]

Barratt and the Five Point Pyramid

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here in the past week, but we’ve been away: (it’s not Switzerland, it’s Scotland) Anyway, following on from the documented four-point pyramid of Barratt, I can tell you that this position trade is now up to five points as shown in the Capital Spreads snapshot below. Two Steps […]

Why Pyramid Positions?

After my little April Fool joke yesterday, I thought I’d post something rather more positive (and educational) today on the subject of pyramiding positions. My demonstration vehicle will of course (if you’ve been following me) be Barratt; but it could have been Sainsburys. The following chart shows the vastly increased profit potential resulting from having pyramided […]