Archive | May, 2013

Betting on Barratt (again)

Regular readers will realise that no week would be complete without me having placed another bet on Barratt. So here it is, a new pyramided position that takes my total stake in my Capital Spreads reference account to £7-per-point: This is turning into a really nice example of a pyramided position trade, but you will […]

Has London Capital Group (LCG) turned the corner?

I ask the question “Has London Capital Group (LCG) turned the corner?” because I have a couple of modest spread bet exploratory positions riding on the hope that it has: Both positions (blue lines) are now in profit, with my common guaranteed stop order (red dashed line) somewhere between the two entry prices… which means that I […]

Betting on Bitcoins

An email from spread betting firm SpreadEx caught my eye yesterday when they announced that they’re the first spread betting company to allow speculation on the price of Bitcoins. If you’ve been hiding in a hole so deep that you don’t know what a Bitcoin actually is, I can help you by quoting from the SpreadEx […]