Fish Finger and Lobster Sandwiches In the City

I went into the City (of London) yesterday to meet up with one of my acquaintances who heads up a forex trading operation. As well as discussing some potential future projects in the forex publishing space (hopefully more to say soon), we also managed to squeeze in a visit to the local pub for a fish finger sandwich… which took me back to my childhood, tomato ketchup and everything! Gourmet style, you understand, not austerity style. Meanwhile my daughter, who I had taken into London with me, entertained herself at the Tate Modern followed by her own slap-up meal (by herself) at the Burger & Lobster on Bread Street. How apt, then, that she chose lobster-on-bread (a sandwich) for £20. And she said that the staff treated her well, despite her sporting some childish-looking dungarees — no joke — among all the suited and booted city types.

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