Will TradeFair+ be a plus?

Like me, you might have received an email telling you that from 12 December 2013 your TradeFair account will no longer be accepting new trades. It’s a shame, because this was one of my favourite spread betting accounts that showed stop order levels right alongside the trades (see below) and which — along with other London Capital Group platform providers — allowed you to apply guaranteed stop orders to trades retrospectively. These things made position trading easier, but all is not lost because¬†InterTrader have a very similar offering. And I might have another LCG-based provider to tell you about soon, too.

Tradefair Stop

So the TradeFair trading facility will be gone, but not forgotten, because they’re simply switching trading platform providers from the London Capital Group (LCG) to GFT Global Markets. GFT is one of the few spread betting firms that I have not traded with, so when I have accepted the invitation to switch my account to a TradeFair+ account, it will actually be a convenient way for me to take GFT ¬†for a spin. And I hope to tell you how it goes.

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