Trade of the Week: The AGA Saga continues…

For this week’s trade-of-the-week posting (yes, I know they’re monthly) I thought I’d bring you the next installment of the AGA Saga. Things have gone from strength to strength as the price of this stock has appreciated, as evidenced by the chart below:

The Aga Saga Continues

Sorry it’s so small due to a technical hitch; but anyway the two horizontal lines show the original entry price at 60.6 (lower line) and the current guaranteed stop order level at 118.2 (upper line). The market price is 146.5.
Here is the real-life nominal £1-per-point trade, which you can scale up to suit your budget (i.e. £100-per-point would mean a £8,500 profit):

Aga Saga Trade

This is what a position trade should look like: stretching as far back as August of last year, the price steadily increasing and the profit-securing stop order trailing in step.

Disclaimer: this posting is for general education only; it is not trading advice.