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Some Trading Wisdom

One thing I have learnt is you need a decent amount of money in your account to make any success of spread betting. I was looking at a new FTSE 100 trade alert system this morning – a system that simply tells you when to go long or short on the FTSE 100 based on […]

Spread betting strategies and spread betting alert systems for beginners

For those looking to really get into spread betting but are lacking the confidence I would recommend using a specialist advisor / spread betting alert service. I have pretty much come up with my own spread betting strategies, but would be a little hesitant to make my trading patterns accessible to everyone. The simple fact […]

Trade of the Week: The AGA Saga continues…

For this week’s trade-of-the-week posting (yes, I know they’re monthly) I thought I’d bring you the next installment of the AGA Saga. Things have gone from strength to strength as the price of this stock has appreciated, as evidenced by the chart below: Sorry it’s so small due to a technical hitch; but anyway the […]

Trade of the Week on H&T Group

Remember the last Trade of the Week on Albermarle and Bond? In the end it stopped out at a profit as per the position trading strategy. But the trade on its peer H&T Group that was placed around the same time is still open, and it looks like this: The solid blue line shows the entry […]

Trade of the Week: Albemarle & Bond

Because I last posted in mid-September, this one might be better titled “Trade of the Month”. At the very end of September, shares in embattled pawnbroker Albemarle & Bond fell off a cliff, so I bought some at the ‘bargain’ price of 71p-per-share on the basis that I would make a killing (if they regained […]

An Example Trailed Stop Order

Note that I have titled this post An Example Trailed Stop Order rather than An Example Trailing Stop Order. The distinction for me is that I like to trail my stop orders manually myself (by periodically adjusting them) rather than by utilising (automatic) trailing stop orders. I thought long and hard about how I could best […]

Will TradeFair+ be a plus?

Like me, you might have received an email telling you that from 12 December 2013 your TradeFair account will no longer be accepting new trades. It’s a shame, because this was one of my favourite spread betting accounts that showed stop order levels right alongside the trades (see below) and which — along with other […]