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You Can Never Have Too Many Spread Betting Accounts!

The sensationalist headline “You Can Never Have Too Many Spread Betting Accounts!” is not exactly true, of course, because too many accounts can become unmanageable and time-consuming. But I believe that you do need more than one account, and ideally more than one account provider (because some brands are run by the same provider). Here’s […]

Spread Betting with IG

Regular readers will know that I have spread betting accounts with most providers. This is not only for journalistic reasons (so I can write about them) but also because their slightly different offerings means that they can be useful in different scenarios. I don’t have to choose just one spread betting provider, and I prefer […]

In and Out of Love with SpreadEx

I have to admit that I had fallen out of love with SpreadEx compared with some of the other spread betting brands like Capital Spreads, IG, InterTrader, and ETX Capital. Now I’m growing to like SpreadEx again, because they offer two of the things I most like: guaranteed stop orders, and easy visibility of stop orders in the Financial […]

Bonus "Trade of The Week" on Petropavlovsk

Since nobody likes to see a losing trade (whatever you argue to the contrary) I have supplemented this week’s original “trade of the week” with this one featuring gold miner Petropavlovsk. Here’s what the result of the opened-and-closed trade looked like with IG Index… and I must remember to start calling them simply “IG”: It […]

Trading "Other People’s Money"

A short note today, to say that I took my “Alternative Equity Curve” account positive… simply to show that I could: The significance of this is that I have now taken all of my deposited cash (plus £25 for my trouble) from the account while leaving about £300 worth of equity (i.e. accumulated positions + […]

Hot Off The Press: The New Look IG

Anyone who logs onto their IG Index spread betting account from today (Saturday 15 September) will notice a crisp new look, which I rather like. And if you don’t have an IG Index (now simply called “IG”) account, why not create one now? All of the functionality that I like so much appears still to […]

Trade of The Week: Cape Closed

I’ve featured Cape as my “Trade of The Week” before, and now I feature it again because I’ve closed the  trade with the result as shown in this IG Index P & L Breakdown Report: This report, which is one of the things I like about IG Index, shows how the position trade ran for about six […]