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Will TradeFair+ be a plus?

Like me, you might have received an email telling you that from 12 December 2013 your TradeFair account will no longer be accepting new trades. It’s a shame, because this was one of my favourite spread betting accounts that showed stop order levels right alongside the trades (see below) and which — along with other […]

Has London Capital Group (LCG) turned the corner?

I ask the question “Has London Capital Group (LCG) turned the corner?” because I have a couple of modest spread bet exploratory positions riding on the hope that it has: Both positions (blue lines) are now in profit, with my common guaranteed stop order (red dashed line) somewhere between the two entry prices… which means that I […]

Update on my London Capital Group Trade of The Week

Following yesterday’s Trade of The Week feature, in my warts ‘n’ all style I thought I should update you on what happened next. Unfortunately, the price of London Capital Group shares fell back thereby triggering the stop order on my original position for a loss of £25.33 including financing costs. The good news is that […]

Use guaranteed stops to conjure additional trading funds out of thin air!

Like me, you may occasionally find yourself in the embarrassing position of wanting to make a trade in your spread betting account at a time when you have little or no “available to trade” trading funds. Like me, you may prefer your spread betting account(s) to be self-sufficient and therefore you’re reluctant to feed yet […]

Selftrade (spread betting) moving to the London Capital Group (LCG) trading platform.

A couple of days ago I received an email from Selftrade — with whom I’d forgotten I held a spread betting account, to be honest — informing me that their CFD and Spread Betting offering would be moving from the current City Index trading platform to the London Capital Group (LCG) platform. It means that in […]