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Trade of the Week on H&T Group

Remember the last Trade of the Week on Albermarle and Bond? In the end it stopped out at a profit as per the position trading strategy. But the trade on its peer H&T Group that was placed around the same time is still open, and it looks like this: The solid blue line shows the entry […]

Trade of the Week: Albemarle & Bond

Because I last posted in mid-September, this one might be better titled “Trade of the Month”. At the very end of September, shares in embattled pawnbroker Albemarle & Bond fell off a cliff, so I bought some at the ‘bargain’ price of 71p-per-share on the basis that I would make a killing (if they regained […]

Will TradeFair+ be a plus?

Like me, you might have received an email telling you that from 12 December 2013 your TradeFair account will no longer be accepting new trades. It’s a shame, because this was one of my favourite spread betting accounts that showed stop order levels right alongside the trades (see below) and which — along with other […]

Trade of the Week: The AGA Saga

Q: How do you know when the British economy is picking up? A: When people start buying AGA cookers again. And according to the AGA Rangemaster price chart (courtesy of InterTrader) shown below, they have! The nominal £1-per-point trade below shows how much money you could have made (so far) per £1-per-point stake if you […]

Betting on Barratt (again)

Regular readers will realise that no week would be complete without me having placed another bet on Barratt. So here it is, a new pyramided position that takes my total stake in my Capital Spreads reference account to £7-per-point: This is turning into a really nice example of a pyramided position trade, but you will […]

Has London Capital Group (LCG) turned the corner?

I ask the question “Has London Capital Group (LCG) turned the corner?” because I have a couple of modest spread bet exploratory positions riding on the hope that it has: Both positions (blue lines) are now in profit, with my common guaranteed stop order (red dashed line) somewhere between the two entry prices… which means that I […]