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Rave Reviews of Ravee’s Book

A few weeks ago I introduced you to Ravee Mehta’s new book The Emotionally Intelligent Investor, which I had helped edit and publish.Since then, I see that it has been selling well and attracting rave reviews on, so you might like to take a look at it. Of course, you can also get it from And before […]

Trading the Price Pendulum

And now for something a little different. My latest article over at TRADERS’ Magazine is titled Trading the Price Pendulum. It draws on the idea of a pendulum as an analogy for the way markets move: swinging from bearish to bullish and back again, gaining momentum and then losing it again, meeting support and resistance at […]

The Emotionally Intelligent Investor

I’d like to introduce you to a brand new book about the psychology of investing and trading: The Emotionally Intelligent Investor by Ravee Mehta. I’ll admit up-front to an interest in this book; not an ongoing financial interest, but I did help out with the editing and preparation for publishing. It means I know the […]