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The Case for Position Trading Equities

Although I stopped writing for Spreadbet magazine a couple of months ago (don’t ask!) a few of the articles in the latest edition caught my eye. In his interview, Vince Stanzione says that his main successes in the markets have come from longer-term position trading rather than from short-term day trading. In his trading diary […]

Getting Into Position with Spreadbet Magazine

Just a quick note today, to say that those of you who are interested in Position Trading might like to check out my latest feature “Getting Into Position” published in Spreadbet Magazine. Two Steps to Better Spread Betting: 1) Buy the Better Spread Betting Book 2) Sign up with Capital Spreads, IG, ETX Capital, or […]

Getting into The Swing at Spreadbet Magazine

Would you believe it? As soon as I had written my Swing Trading piece for Spreadbet Magazine, the markets broke upwards out of their prior trading range(s) and started — hopefully — trending upwards rather than continuing to swing. Lucky, then, that I raised this possibility in my conclusion to the article. And it just […]

Dealing with Draw-Downs in Spreadbet Magazine

For my second outing in the December Issue of Spreadbet Magazine I’ve written something on the subject of “Dealing with Draw-Downs”, or to give the article its published title: How to deal with a losing streak. This article is packed full of invaluable tips like “When you’re in a hole… stop digging!” and “Trading isn’t […]

Eurasian Natural Resources: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Over at The Motley Fool, Rupert Hargreaves has pondered whether Eurasian Natural Resources is a good buy (or a “goodbye” — my pun, not his) at today’s ~270p-per-share. Fundamentally (another pun) he thinks it’s not a good buy. Meanwhile over at Spread betting Magazine, ENRC was listed as a “Conviction Buy” at 334p-per-share at the […]

Pyramided Trade of the Week: on Bowleven

I was first alerted to Bowleven as one of the “conviction buys” listed over at Spread Betting Magazine. I got in at a similar price, too, at 60p-per-share. With both Spread betting Magazine and The Motley Fool today reporting a tie-up between Blowleven and Petrofac, and with the share price gapping up as a result and […]

Start with Stops! (at Spreadbet Magazine)

The other week, I dropped in on Richard Jennings — editor of Spreadbetting Magazine. We talked about some of our mutual acquaintances in the industry, and our favourite stocks. We also popped out for a “steak sandwich” at the local Italian (as you do at an Italian restaurant). The upshot is that I found myself […]