SOUND FX (the book)

SOUND FX – The SOUND Approach to Foreign Exchange Trading

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Foreign Exchange Trading  (commonly abbreviated to Forex or FX) has grown in popularity with non-professional investors and armchair speculators. You’ve probably heard of it, and maybe even tried it, but you’re wondering…
  • Why should you trade currencies on the foreign exchange markets?
  • Which currency pairs should you be trading?
  • What is the best way to trade currencies via your PC, iPhone or Android tablet or mobile phone?
  • What techniques do professional currency traders and successful amateurs use to identify trading opportunities and (more importantly) to manage their risk?
In this book I aim to answer those questions, so as to provide a SOUND basis for your Foreign Exchange Trading.


While the choice of trading platform is yours, my use of a single trading account provider (based on the increasingly-popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform) for demonstration purposes leads to a degree of consistency rarely seen in books of this nature.


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