Another Look at SpreadEx

Jump straight to the book, or…

I don’t use the SpreadEx spread betting platform as much as I use some of the others, and this may be because I have somewhat outgrown it. This may be a compliment rather than an insult, however, because I remember how much I liked the simplicity of SpreadEx when I was starting out with spread betting. In this context I can report that their new platform is very visually appealing and is intuitively laid out, so it might be one to look at as your first spread betting account.

For my own trading strategy I particularly like the “Risers” and “Fallers” predefined watch lists that are just one click away on the main screen, and of course I like the fact that SpreadEx credit their customers with a higher percentage of companies’ declared dividends than do some of the other spread betting providers.

SpreadEx is not perfect, since some equities (I’m thinking Promethean World) require a minimum £10-per-point bet, and some other equities do not allow guaranteed stop orders, but maybe I’m being a little too picky now that I’ve been around the spread betting block many times.

Disclaimer: this posting is for general education only; it is not trading advice.