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Has London Capital Group (LCG) turned the corner?

I ask the question “Has London Capital Group (LCG) turned the corner?” because I have a couple of modest spread bet exploratory positions riding on the hope that it has: Both positions (blue lines) are now in profit, with my common guaranteed stop order (red dashed line) somewhere between the two entry prices… which means that I […]

The Case for Position Trading Equities

Although I stopped writing for Spreadbet magazine a couple of months ago (don’t ask!) a few of the articles in the latest edition caught my eye. In his interview, Vince Stanzione says that his main successes in the markets have come from longer-term position trading rather than from short-term day trading. In his trading diary […]

(Short) Trade of The Week on Aviva

I reckon it’s been more than a week since I last posted a “Trade of The Week”, and this one is different in two respects: It’s a short trade, which is pretty unusual for me considering my predominantly-long position trading approach. I’m documenting it in advance rather than after-the-fact, so I really have no idea […]

A Risk Free Trade on Barratt

Don’t get too excited– I’m not about to tell you how you can initiate a “risk free” trade on Barratt. But I am about to tell you how my own three-step pyramided trade on Barratt has now become “risk free”. You may recall from my Three Steps to (Trading Heaven) article that I had increased my […]

Holy Trinity!

Back on the theme of yesterday, where it paid to have averaged down, I refer you back to a previous “Trade of The Week” on Trinity Mirror where it also paid to have averaged down. And I’ve referred you back to that prior trade on Trinity Mirror because it sets the scene for what I […]

Three Steps to (Trading) Heaven

Today I noticed in one of my model “better spread betting” accounts that three positions in the same stock (Punch Taverns) had stopped out for modest profits, as shown here: Although profitable, I don’t regard this as a good result. Not only because of the small amounts involved, but also because of the fact that […]