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Lucky in the City

Today I was very lucky in the City (of London). But I don’t mean I made a killing with a once-in-a-lifetime day trade. En route to a meeting to discuss a forthcoming forex project, while walking down a narrow street between two tall buildings, I fell foul (“foul” being the operative word) of a bird […]

Fish Finger and Lobster Sandwiches In the City

I went into the City (of London) yesterday to meet up with one of my acquaintances who heads up a forex trading operation. As well as discussing some potential future projects in the forex publishing space (hopefully more to say soon), we also managed to squeeze in a visit to the local pub for a fish finger sandwich… […]

Keeping the faith in the face of draw-downs

Over on Malcolm Pryor’s Spread Betting Central web site, Gabriel posed an interesting question about how far you should allow yourself to draw-down in the meantime when you think you have a long-term profitable strategy. You can read Gabriel’s question, my response, and maybe join the debate yourself here. The question was actually in relation […]

New Year Special Offers!

Did you notice that as a New Year treat the prices of the paperback and Kindle editions of my Better Spread Betting and SOUND FX books have been slashed on Amazon? Not forever, though, so if you’ve been thinking of reading either or both of these books… now is the time before they return to […]

Reviews of SOUND FX : The SOUND Approach to Foreign Exchange Trading

Did you see the first review of my SOUND FX book on I didn’t ask for such a glowing testimonial, but I was pleased to see it, and I’d like to see more of the same: complimentary but credible, and written by people who have actually read the book. So I’d like to offer […]

So you’d like to… Trade Currencies on the Foreign Exchange Markets

Over on I have written a brief guide titled So you’d like to… Trade Currencies on the Foreign Exchange Markets, which is a very condensed version of the information contained in the first chapter of my SOUND FX book. If you like the guide, buy the “SOUND FX” book. Two Steps to Better Spread […]

SOUND FX : The SOUND Approach to Foreign Exchange Trading

I told you several weeks ago that I was embarking on a project to write a new introductory book about foreign exchange (forex or fx) trading based on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform provided by RPD FX — a sister company of spread betting firm ETX Capital. Well, here is is: Now Available as a Kindle Edition from and as a Kobo book. […]