Archive | June, 2013

Lucky in the City

Today I was very lucky in the City (of London). But I don’t mean I made a killing with a once-in-a-lifetime day trade. En route to a meeting to discuss a forthcoming forex project, while walking down a narrow street between two tall buildings, I fell foul (“foul” being the operative word) of a bird […]

Fish Finger and Lobster Sandwiches In the City

I went into the City (of London) yesterday to meet up with one of my acquaintances who heads up a forex trading operation. As well as discussing some potential future projects in the forex publishing space (hopefully more to say soon), we also managed to squeeze in a visit to the local pub for a fish finger sandwich… […]

Don’t trust the expert advisors!

As an aside from spread betting — which for some of you may not have gone too well today, unless you were “short” — I offer the following anecdote. While browsing in my local Currys / PC World store I overheard a helpless oldish woman ask one of the friendly “expert advisors” (i.e. “salespeople”) for […]