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Trade of the Week: The AGA Saga continues…

For this week’s trade-of-the-week posting (yes, I know they’re monthly) I thought I’d bring you the next installment of the AGA Saga. Things have gone from strength to strength as the price of this stock has appreciated, as evidenced by the chart below: Sorry it’s so small due to a technical hitch; but anyway the […]

The Result of Yesterday’s "Trade of The Week"

Well, that will teach me to go out on a limb and post a trade “in advance” of seeing the outcome ūüėČ I’m referring to yesterday’s (failed) Trade of The Week. On the second day, the price rose to meet my¬†guaranteed¬†stop order, and stopped me out for a loss of 9.40 “pips” (e.g. ¬£9.40 per […]

(Short) Trade of The Week on Aviva

I reckon it’s been more than a week since I last posted a “Trade of The Week”, and this one is different in two respects: It’s a short trade, which is pretty unusual for me considering my predominantly-long position trading approach. I’m documenting it in advance rather than after-the-fact, so I really have no idea […]