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Dealing with Draw-Downs in Spreadbet Magazine

For my second outing in the December Issue of Spreadbet Magazine I’ve written something on the subject of “Dealing with Draw-Downs”, or to give the article its published title: How to deal with a losing streak. This article is packed full of invaluable tips like “When you’re in a hole… stop digging!” and “Trading isn’t […]

Trade of The Week: Skyepharma

You may remember that previously I had a couple of nice trades in Skyepharma documented here Having last stopped out of this stock at 95p-per-share, I noticed that today (22 Nov 2012) I could re-enter at about 70p-per-share; a discount of about 25%. I knew this because the “Stop-Out List” explained in my Position Trading […]

Eurasian Natural Resources: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Over at The Motley Fool, Rupert Hargreaves has pondered whether Eurasian Natural Resources is a good buy (or a “goodbye” — my pun, not his) at today’s ~270p-per-share. Fundamentally (another pun) he thinks it’s not a good buy. Meanwhile over at Spread betting Magazine, ENRC was listed as a “Conviction Buy” at 334p-per-share at the […]

Reviews of SOUND FX : The SOUND Approach to Foreign Exchange Trading

Did you see the first review of my SOUND FX book on I didn’t ask for such a glowing testimonial, but I was pleased to see it, and I’d like to see more of the same: complimentary but credible, and written by people who have actually read the book. So I’d like to offer […]

Spread Co on Android

We don’t all have iPhones, although I did have one for a short while in order to review some of the spread betting iPhone apps. No, I’m an Android man, mainly because I’m otherwise bought into the Google cloud computing ecosystem for email, docs, and on-line storage accessible via my Chromebook. On the subject of […]

Think like a Trader… with SpreadEx

My contact at SpreadEx informed me that they have just commissioned an “infographic” explaining how traditional investors and non-spread-bettors might “Think like a Trader”. You can see it on my SpreadEx page, but it’s easier to read on the SpreadEx Website . Two Steps to Better Spread Betting: 1) Buy the Better Spread Betting Book […]

So you’d like to… Trade Currencies on the Foreign Exchange Markets

Over on I have written a brief guide titled So you’d like to… Trade Currencies on the Foreign Exchange Markets, which is a very condensed version of the information contained in the first chapter of my SOUND FX book. If you like the guide, buy the “SOUND FX” book. Two Steps to Better Spread […]

Pyramided Trade of the Week: on Bowleven

I was first alerted to Bowleven as one of the “conviction buys” listed over at Spread Betting Magazine. I got in at a similar price, too, at 60p-per-share. With both Spread betting Magazine and The Motley Fool¬†today reporting a tie-up between Blowleven and Petrofac, and with the share price gapping up as a result and […]