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A Grand Day Out at RPD FX (and ETX Capital)

It’s not very often that I talk about Foreign Exchange (Forex or FX) trading, but this may be about to change as I am embarking on the writing of a new book. Let’s call it “Project X”, or (even better) “Project FX”. As part of my “research” I was invited down to the offices of […]

Hedging Our Family Bets

Continuing my read-through of The Naked Trader’s Guide to Spread Betting (as I first mentioned here), I not so long ago read the section containing Robbie’s description of how spread betting companies hedge (or not) your bets in order to control their own exposure and risk. he makes the points that: If you’re a good […]

Beware… the 8am stop-out!

I’m currently reading The Naked Trader’s Guide to Spread Betting. Not because I need to learn financial spread betting, of course, but because I might spot something that I forgot to mention in my own Better Spread Betting book and which I might therefore want to include in a future second edition. Besides, I ought […]

One more thing…

Jump straight to the book, or… In the course of constructing my new Better Spread Betting book I posed a question to spread betting industry experts and other respected spread betting author-publishers. The question was: “If there was one more thing… (just one) that you could advise spread bettors, what would it be?” In case […]