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Getting Into Position with Spreadbet Magazine

Just a quick note today, to say that those of you who are interested in Position Trading might like to check out my latest feature “Getting Into Position” published in Spreadbet Magazine. Two Steps to Better Spread Betting: 1) Buy the Better Spread Betting Book 2) Sign up with Capital Spreads, IG, ETX Capital, or […]

Better Spread Betting is like Marmite!

They say that people either like Marmite or hate, and the same seems to be true of my Better Spread Betting book. Some readers really like it, and one thinks it’s a shocker. Well, after that most recent “shocking” review, I was pleased to see some favourable reviews. Maybe it’s the title that divides opinion, […]

Spread Betting Pays Dividends

I’m pretty sure I’ve used the headline “Spread Betting Pays Dividends” before; if not on a blog post then on an article that I published somewhere. But it nicely sums up what I have to say… so if it ain’t broke, I won’t fix it. When I say that “spread betting pays dividends” I mean […]

Keeping the faith in the face of draw-downs

Over on Malcolm Pryor’s Spread Betting Central web site, Gabriel posed an interesting question about how far you should allow yourself to draw-down in the meantime when you think you have a long-term profitable strategy. You can read Gabriel’s question, my response, and maybe join the debate yourself here. The question was actually in relation […]

A better spread bettor who doubled his money!

A reader of this blog who opened a Capital Spreads spread betting account via my web page told me that he had more-than doubled his money in just a couple of months. Don’t get too exited. He deposited only £25 as a first ever spread betting trial (which just goes to show how little you can […]

Are the markets mindless?

I read with interest Stephen Bland’s anti New Year message over on The Motley Fool. I agree wholeheartedly that prediction is usually futile in the markets, in the sense that it is futile predicting on 1 January 2013 that the FTSE will have reached a particular value by 31 December 2013. But on one important point […]

New Year Special Offers!

Did you notice that as a New Year treat the prices of the paperback and Kindle editions of my Better Spread Betting and SOUND FX books have been slashed on Amazon? Not forever, though, so if you’ve been thinking of reading either or both of these books… now is the time before they return to […]