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A helping hand towards Better Spread Betting…

I know it’s traditional on a trading blog like this one to harp on about a constant string of real or imaginary successes, but how much more satisfying is it to hear that you helped someone else achieve their ambition of making money — or at least no longer losing it — while spread betting? […]

A Risk Free Trade on Barratt

Don’t get too excited– I’m not about to tell you how you can initiate a “risk free”¬†trade on Barratt. But I am about to tell you how my own three-step pyramided trade on Barratt has now become “risk free”. You may recall from my Three Steps to (Trading Heaven) article that I had increased my […]

Holy Trinity!

Back on the theme of yesterday, where it paid to have averaged down, I refer you back to a previous “Trade of The Week” on Trinity Mirror where it also paid to have averaged down. And I’ve referred you back to that prior trade on Trinity Mirror because it sets the scene for what I […]

Introducing Harriman Intelligence

You may already know that my Stop Orders book was published by respected financial publishers Harriman House. You might not know that they will soon be launching a new website called Harriman Intelligence, to which they have asked a small number of authors such as me to contribute some content. You can find my first […]

Update on my London Capital Group Trade of The Week

Following yesterday’s Trade of The Week feature, in my warts ‘n’ all style I thought I should update you on what happened next. Unfortunately, the price of London Capital Group shares fell back thereby triggering the stop order on my original position for a loss of ¬£25.33 including financing costs. The good news is that […]

Three Steps to (Trading) Heaven

Today I noticed in one of my model “better spread betting” accounts that three positions in the same stock (Punch Taverns) had stopped out for modest profits, as shown here: Although profitable, I don’t regard this as a good result. Not only because of the small amounts involved, but also because of the fact that […]