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Trade of The Week: Bottom Fishing for Borders and Southern

On 16 July, oil company Borders and Southern Petroleum gapped-down massively from about 60p-per-share to less than 20p-per-share. Pity the fools who were holding a large position through this gap-down, which all goes to show why it is important to diversify or to employ guaranteed stop orders. So, what did I do immediately after the […]

Betting on the Betting Firms

Some people think that there is more money to be made by buying the betting firms than by placing bets with them. Suppose you thought that your favourite spread betting firm┬áitself was onto a winner (or a loser) and you wanted to back your judgement. If you thought that the underlying operator of your Capital […]

Use guaranteed stops to conjure additional trading funds out of thin air!

Like me, you may occasionally find yourself in the embarrassing position of wanting to make a trade in your spread betting account at a time when you have little or no “available to trade” trading funds. Like me, you may prefer your spread betting account(s) to be self-sufficient and therefore you’re reluctant to feed yet […]

Selftrade (spread betting) moving to the London Capital Group (LCG) trading platform.

A couple of days ago I received an email from Selftrade — with whom I’d forgotten I held a spread betting account, to be honest — informing me that their CFD and Spread Betting offering would be moving from the current City Index trading platform to the London Capital Group (LCG) platform.┬áIt means that in […]