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Does the Morrisons-Ocado tie-up make sense?

..and what does it mean for investors? Over on The Motley Fool there is an article (and some debate) about whether the potential tie-up between Morrisons and Ocado makes sense. News of this potential marriage — not in the merger sense — sent Ocado shares a lot higher and Morrisons shares a little higher today. […]

Are the markets mindless?

I read with interest Stephen Bland’s anti New Year message over on The Motley Fool. I agree wholeheartedly that prediction is usually futile in the markets, in the sense that it is futile predicting on 1 January 2013 that the FTSE will have reached a particular value by 31 December 2013. But on one important point […]

Eurasian Natural Resources: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Over at The Motley Fool, Rupert Hargreaves has pondered whether Eurasian Natural Resources is a good buy (or a “goodbye” — my pun, not his) at today’s ~270p-per-share. Fundamentally (another pun) he thinks it’s not a good buy. Meanwhile over at Spread betting Magazine, ENRC was listed as a “Conviction Buy” at 334p-per-share at the […]

Pyramided Trade of the Week: on Bowleven

I was first alerted to Bowleven as one of the “conviction buys” listed over at Spread Betting Magazine. I got in at a similar price, too, at 60p-per-share. With both Spread betting Magazine and The Motley Fool today reporting a tie-up between Blowleven and Petrofac, and with the share price gapping up as a result and […]

Can you guard against "Black Swan" events?

If you don’t know what a “Black Swan” event is, you might first want to read Nassim Taleb’s book The Black Swan, which has nothing at all to do with ballet dancers and everything to do with the effect that low-probability high-impact (and unexpected) events can have on your investments. Over on the Motley Fool […]

Tony Loton at The Motley Fool (UK)

Tony Loton has written regularly for The Motley Fool (UK), and here is a list of his published articles in reverse chronological order. 2012 Create a Portfolio News Page (with Google Finance) The Spread-Betting Attrition Rate Creating a “Stock Data Dashboard” Spreadsheet Nicolas Darvas and His Amazing Box Theory The Investment Zoo The Trouble with Cash ISAs […]