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Trading with the Market’s Money

Over at TRADERS’ Magazine you can find my latest article Trading with the Market’s Money. The tag line pretty much summarises the article: “You’re profitable when you take out more than you ever put in!” And if you’re interested, I can tell you that the real-life account used to demonstrate the point was an IG […]

Trading the Price Pendulum

And now for something a little different. My latest article over at TRADERS’ Magazine┬áis titled Trading the Price Pendulum. It draws on the idea of a pendulum as an analogy for the way markets move: swinging from bearish to bullish and back again, gaining momentum and then losing it again, meeting support and resistance at […]

Better Spread Betting with TRADERS’ Magazine

Have you read the Better Spread Betting article in the August 2012 edition of TRADERS’ Magazine? It’s subtitled Spread Betting for the More Investment-Minded, which sums up much (but not all) of my spread betting philosophy. Don’t forget that TRADERS’ Magazine also contributed one of the tips to the final “One More Thing…” chapter of […]

Tony Loton at TRADERS’ Magazine

Tony Loton has written for TRADERS’ magazine, and here is a list of his published articles: Better Spread Betting: Spread Betting for the More Investment-Minded, August 2012 Issue Fixed Odds and Binary Bets, December 2011 Issue Trading Tools: Spreadsheets for Spread Bettors (and Other Traders), October 2011 Issue Trading Templates: Generic Solutions to Trading Problems, […]