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A Risk Free Trade on Barratt

Don’t get too excited– I’m not about to tell you how you can initiate a “risk free” trade on Barratt. But I am about to tell you how my own three-step pyramided trade on Barratt has now become “risk free”. You may recall from my Three Steps to (Trading Heaven) article that I had increased my […]

Three Steps to (Trading) Heaven

Today I noticed in one of my model “better spread betting” accounts that three positions in the same stock (Punch Taverns) had stopped out for modest profits, as shown here: Although profitable, I don’t regard this as a good result. Not only because of the small amounts involved, but also because of the fact that […]

Pyramided Trade of the Week: on Bowleven

I was first alerted to Bowleven as one of the “conviction buys” listed over at Spread Betting Magazine. I got in at a similar price, too, at 60p-per-share. With both Spread betting Magazine and The Motley Fool today reporting a tie-up between Blowleven and Petrofac, and with the share price gapping up as a result and […]

Profitable Pyramiding

Readers of my Better Spread Betting, Position Trading and Stop Orders books will know that I am inclined to try and pyramid profitable positions to higher stakes. For me, a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for pyramiding is that the potential loss on my second position is less than the profit accrued on my original position — so that I […]