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One more thing…

Jump straight to the book, or… In the course of constructing my new Better Spread Betting book I posed a question to spread betting industry experts and other respected spread betting author-publishers. The question was: “If there was one more thing… (just one) that you could advise spread bettors, what would it be?” In case […]

Better Spread Betting (the book) Available Now!

The bad news is that the draft Better Spread Betting book is no longer free. The good news is that the first edition has now been published and is still excellent value considering how much money it might help you make (or not lose). Buy the e-book PDF or Kindle Edition (from or Financial spread betting offers a potentially tax-free way of buying and […]

Waiting for World Spreads

Jump straight to the book on Amazon, or… Yesterday I heard from the administrators of the collapsed spread betting firm World Spreads that a payout from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is likely to occur before the proposed “interim distribution to creditors” that is estimated to take place in September. At the time of writing, […]

I know it’s not what you want to hear!

Not so long ago I had a one-to-one session with a friend of a friend who wanted to get into financial spread betting. Although he was more than happy with what he paid for the “education” I provided, I could tell in his eyes and in his voice that he wanted something else, something that […]

Stop to read the 5-star reviews of my Stop Orders book.

Now that I have taken up permanent residence here on the Better Spread Betting blog, I’ll be starting to post interesting updates on my favourite topics of Stop Orders and Position Trading as well as Better Spread Betting. Let me kick off the more comprehensive (and regular) blogging by marvelling at the fact that my […]

As advertised in The Sunday Times

Financial spread betting offers a potentially tax-free way of buying and selling (including short-selling) stocks, stock indices, commodities and currencies. It can be more cost-effective than share dealing in a traditional stockbroker account, and it need not be any more dangerous. Most spread bettors lose money, and many of them give up after only six […]