Seasoned Spread Bettors, Start Here!

As seasoned spread bettors, we may be tempted to think that we know it all. But the markets have a nasty habit of humbling even the best of us from time to time, and we discover that we all have something to learn after all. That’s what this web site is all about: how to become a better spread bettor by practising — you guessed it — Better Spread Betting.

As a more seasoned spread bettor, you may be interested in my my “Trade of the Week” features, and the other regular postings that you can receive direct to your Inbox (and cancel whenever you like) by signing up for the free email updates.

To complement the introductory spread betting books that you have already read, you might like to delve deeper into Stop Orders or the Position Trading strategy. You might also delve deeper into some specific spread betting strategies by reading Malcolm Pryor’s books Winning Spread Betting Strategies and 7 Charting Tools for Spread Betting, and by watching Malcolm’s DVDs on Spread Betting Techniques and Short Term Spread Betting. If you’ve been spread betting stocks (i.e. equities) or stock indices, you might like to try your hand at Spread Betting the Forex Markets.

Over the years, I have learnt that it pays to have more than one spread betting account. First, for resilience, in case a particular provider goes bust (unlikely but not impossible) or goes offline just when you need to open or close a trade. Second, because different providers are good for different reasons, depending whether you want the widest range of equity markets (IG), retrospective guaranteed stop orders (as supported by Capital Spreads, InterTrader), or some other unique feature offered by one of the other spread betting companies.

So there you have it: a few ideas to help you become a better spread bettor.