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An Alternative Equity Curve, Part 2

The Money In / Money Out (MIMO) Alternative Equity Curve that I discussed the other day has really grown on me as a way of demonstrating the performance of a spread betting portfolio in a way that is indifferent to whether one is day trading (putting money in and taking profits out regularly) or position […]

Trade of The Week: Cape Closed

I’ve featured Cape as my “Trade of The Week” before, and now I feature it again because I’ve closed the  trade with the result as shown in this IG Index P & L Breakdown Report: This report, which is one of the things I like about IG Index, shows how the position trade ran for about six […]

An Alternative Equity Curve

There are a few different ways of showing the performance of your investment portfolio, including as a traditional “equity” curve that shows how the total value of your portfolio has fallen or risen over time. The problem is that this kind of equity curve is only really representative if you deposited an initial some which […]

A Grand Day Out at RPD FX (and ETX Capital)

It’s not very often that I talk about Foreign Exchange (Forex or FX) trading, but this may be about to change as I am embarking on the writing of a new book. Let’s call it “Project X”, or (even better) “Project FX”. As part of my “research” I was invited down to the offices of […]

Trade of The Week: Inmarsat

This week’s featured “Trade of The Week” is on Inmarsat, the Capital Spreads chart for which is shown below. You can see how I established a new long position at a price of 528.3 on 3 August, and how this position is nicely in profit at the time of writing on 6 September. This position […]

Fancy a Trip to Las Vegas?

No, I’m not offering a trip to Las Vegas; nor have I taken such a trip recently except in the metaphorical sense that I will allude to shortly. But my attention-grabbing headline is relevant. All financial speculation is a gamble, whether it is the noble art of serious “investing” or the more “risky” (apparently, but […]

Removing Currency Exposure with Spread Betting

It’s a short update today because, well, I do have a life. I wanted to highlight the fact that spread betting removes currency exposure from your trading. British spread bettors can bet on a US (or other country) stock or index, or a dollar-denominated commodity, without worrying about their “investment” falling merely as a result […]