Betting on Barratt (again)

Regular readers will realise that no week would be complete without me having placed another bet on Barratt. So here it is, a new pyramided position that takes my total stake in my Capital Spreads reference account to £7-per-point:

Betting on Barratt (again)
This is turning into a really nice example of a pyramided position trade, but you will notice something unusual about it:

This week’s position (dated 14.04.2013) is now actually more profitable than the previous position (dated 25.04.2013), which is kind-of odd for a pyramided trade… don’t you think? The fact is that I established the latest position when the price dipped to a level at which it almost took the guaranteed stop orders out on all my other positions. In other words, the stop order on my new position was so tight that the additional risk-to-stop on the new position was very small; so it was worth a punt on what was effectively “averaging down” the previous position.

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