Spread betting company IG Index hikes spreads; a spread betting provider you can trust?

Spread Betting Blog: The largest of the UKs spread betting companies, IG is currently pushing for new spread betting clients in a massive advertising campaign.

As Anna White in the Telegraph rightly notes, IG Index “targets commuters and shouts about transparency and competitive pricing.”

The same editorial asks readers to rewind to August 4 when, due to volatility and volumes, the LIFFE exchange system went down unlike IG Index prices.

So, where are we going with this?

Observant spread bettors noted that smaller spread betting companies reacted by manually readjusting spreads to 1pt.

IG Index did not, rather the company gambled on an automated system that increased spreads by 600pc to 6pts.

The bottom line? IG Index spreads soared on what was a highly volatile day for the FTSE – it is in times like these that spread bettors tend to log into their spread betting stations.

“In times of increased volatility, use a spread betting provider you can trust.” – IG