Spread betting strategies and spread betting alert systems for beginners

For those looking to really get into spread betting but are lacking the confidence I would recommend using a specialist advisor / spread betting alert service.

I have pretty much come up with my own spread betting strategies, but would be a little hesitant to make my trading patterns accessible to everyone.

The simple fact is I would be uncomfortable with the idea that I was potentially obliterating someone else’s trading account!!

More confidence is needed on my behalf, but there are professionals who do offer this service.

So, it is with this in mind that I would point those looking for professional trade alert systems / spread betting strategy providers to the following two providers:

1) LS Trader – I follow their trade advice every week. Trading time is on weekly basis. The team at LS Trader claim to be running some good profits. I don’t follow their trades as yet because I am intent to remain on my own learning curve. That said, should this change they are my first port of call. (

Importantly, a great deal of emphasis is placed on account management – ie. risk levels, % margin etc. A crucial element of successful spread betting.

2) FTSE 100 Club – these guys give trade signals for the most popular and indeed, volatile, market open to spread bettors. I have used them in the past and I was impressed by the returns. They have since expanded into offering signals on foreign exchange. I like the idea of specialists (I prefer trading oil, these guys trade the FTSE 100).

There are a lot of alert services out there, all requiring differing levels of engagement. The above two I would argue are perfect for those looking to get started in spread betting, once you learn a few tricks from these guys I believe it would be possible to carry out your own trades.